What is Integrated Reality?

What is Integrated Reality?

Sep 5, 2023

A New Take on the Mobile Game

Gaming is the most exciting way to socialize. Students and young adults everywhere want to play more games with their friends in real life. They’re even organizing real life community games — Assassin, Humans Vs. Zombies, Werewolf, Mafia…

This desire to play games in real life, and our universal access to geo-tech enabled mobile phones opens up an opportunity for entirely new types of real life connection… Integrated Reality (IR)…  enhancing human connection in real life by using technology to undo technology.

We’re taking real-life games and transforming them with IR to create fully immersive, screen-free playing experiences that combine the speed and possibility of mobile games with the thrill of playing outside. In short, "IR" allows you to use your mobile phone to play IRL games, anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

IR Gaming is a unique spin on the metaverse. Rather than transporting you into a different world to play in, we integrate games with reality to bring people together and create big social experiences that feel natural.

IR lets you immerse yourself in experiences that blur the lines between real and virtual worlds. Imagine playing a game of hide and seek, using virtual super powers to overcome obstacles created by your friends. Or, competing with your friends in capture the flag, as you control (and combat) a whole virtual army…

IR makes this possible by starting with the real world, and using your phone's sensors, cameras, and location services to blend game content into a virtual layer on top of reality. This means you can play games that take place in your backyard, neighborhood, or city, with game content limited only by our collective imaginations.

And unlike VR, where you need a headset to play, or AR, where you need to be looking through your camera’s viewfinder the whole time… IR Games only require you keep your phone on you… which you already do. Most of the play happens screen free, in the real world.

Sign up for beta testing or early access to SLAP, our first IR game, and play IRL Games anytime, anywhere, with anyone.