SLAP Open Beta

Nov 9, 2023

“SLAP” From Integrated Reality Labs Launches Open Beta Today

  • SLAP is on the App Store as “SLAP MVP” and is available to download globally

  • The integrated reality (IR) app transforms how people play social games in real life with a novel mechanic that enables contactless tag

  • SLAP greatly simplifies and enhances real life games like humans vs. zombies, which over 40% of high schools and colleges are playing every year

Integrated Reality Labs, Inc., a company building an integrated reality platform that enhances play and human connection in real life, today announced the launch of the open beta for “SLAP,” a mobile app that makes it easier and more fun to play classic neighborhood games, from tag to capture the flag, in the real world. The app is available as “SLAP MVP,” short for minimal viable product, on the App Store.

SLAP transforms how people play social games in real life with a novel mechanic that enables contactless tag, making it possible to play large-scale games of tag, hide-and-seek, and other classic games. For the 1st stage of the Open Beta, your mission is to track down your target and execute the perfect SLAP initiating a heart-racing countdown — if you succeed in staying within range, you'll complete the SLAP, and your target will be eliminated! 

Over 40% of all high schools and colleges across the globe play these games, particularly large-scale tag games like humans vs. zombies, but players and organizers alike face numerous challenges with these games. For these millions of players, SLAP serves both as an engaging, one-of-a-kind mobile experience, as well as essential utility. SLAP greatly simplifies an activity they’re already taking part in, making it easy to organize these games and scale them to hundreds or thousands of players.

SLAP is powered by a patent-pending technology platform called the Integrated Reality Technology Platform (IRTP), a sensor fusion platform that enables low-latency social gameplay in the real world. The result is an experience that looks like a player-vs.-player Pokemon Go. This “integrated reality” (IR) gameplay emphasizes real-life interactions and deemphasizes “machine vision,” which has come to characterize augmented reality. 

Our vision is to leverage the IRTP to build next-generation tools and games that enhance play and social connection in the real world. With all of our products, starting with SLAP, we make it easier and more fun to engage with friends in the world around you.